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We have the tools to pinpoint
the problem!

We are a London based company with our own infrastructure of drivers, engineers and great customer support to meet and even exceed your expectations when it comes to doing business locally. Our repair shop is equipped with the best maintenance tools, equipments, and golden hands of our professional team!

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Espresso Repair

We provide our quality as well as guaranteed services that include support, maintenance and servicing of all kinds of coffee and espresso machine

Boiler Inspection

We offer wide range of both automatic and manual transmission fluid products

Water Treatment
Consistently high quality for all hot and cold drinks, in cups and mugs for all your products


We stock a range of quality machines by some of the great Italian coffee machine manufacturers

Rental Espresso Machine

Starting a coffee business? Our coffee machine rental service offers great benefits

Coffee Supplier

All you need under one roof – from coffee beans, to cups and anything else

Can we help you? +44 7746 850789