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Commercial Espresso Machine Rental

Commercial Espresso Machine Rental

Are you starting a coffee business and looking to start up with as little overheads as possible? Perhaps you are a coffee shop owner looking to upgrade your coffee machines? Specialising in the best Italian Espresso machines ever built, Wega and La Spaziale, our coffee machine rental service offers great benefits.


Choose between Wega and La Spaziale original espresso machines. We have single group up to 3 group commercial machines available for rent depending on the venue size and expected turnover of customers.


With the shaking of hands and the payment of the initial rental fee plus 2 months advance rental, you can have your espresso machine ready to delight your customers. We know business plans change so we’ll never tie you into a lengthy contract.


Depending on the size of your shop, the expected turnover of customers, and space availability we are able offer different sizes of coffee machines to rent. Whether you are starting out small or looking to replace machines in your busy coffee shop, we have the right machines for you.


When you rent a coffee machine from us, you will receive free delivery, installation and setup included in the rental fee. Our experienced engineers will help you all the way, from connecting up the water pipework to taking your new machine through its commissioning process, we do it all for free.


Your coffee machine is the lifeblood of your business. Free repair and maintenance comes with the machine rental agreement. You don’t have to worry about paying out for repairs, we’ve got you covered. If we have to take your machine away we will provide you with a replacement, just like that.


Some of our customers have never used one of these machines before. We will provide you basic training on how to use the machine. A clean machine is one of the key ingredients to great coffee, as part of the installation you will receive cleaning training too. You can contact us for barista training if required.

Bonus Offer

Here is another reason to rent your machine from us. For every coffee machine rental agreement you will have a choice of some of our best CARRARO coffee beans as a bonus.

Whether you are looking to start a coffee business on a budget or seeking to introduce new machines without the huge upfront financial commitment, we have the right machine for you. To take advantage of all the benefits above, get in touch with us today.

Some FAQ’s about Coffee Machine Rental Service

What brands of coffee machines do you have to rent?

We are in partnership with the world’s two biggest brands of coffee machines – Italian made   WEGA and La Spaziale.

What size of coffee machine do you have available to rent?

You can choose a 1,2 or 3 group machine from either of the two brands available depending on the size of your customer base.

How long I can rent it? Do I need to sign any contract?

You can rent the coffee machine for as long as you need it. We do not believe in fixed term contracts. After the initial rental agreement setup you can cancel the rental at any time.

We also know business plans change often so we’ll never tie you into a lengthy contract. We can work flexibly as long as both of us are happy.

How much it cost? Do I need to pay deposit?

Rental cost depends on the size of machine you would like to rent. We put together our price list by how many group you need in your coffee machine:

1 group coffee machine: £99 / monthly – no bonus in this offer
2 group coffee machine: £119 / monthly + bonus
3 group coffee machine: £129 / monthly + bonus

Because we are flexible without the need of signing a contract, we require 2 months deposit. We will of course sign a rental agreement but will not tie you into a lengthy contract to allow you to be flexible with how you run your business. A deposit for 2 months rental will be required initially.

Will you come to install the machine? Will we pay for that?

Installation is covered as part of the rental cost so you don’t have to pay anything extra. Our professionally trained engineers will come to install your coffee machine and provide training on how to use and care for it. They will also train you on how to make the best coffee for your customers.

My machine is broken - will you come to fix it?

We are responsible for fixing any broken rental machines and we will come to you as soon as you let us know. If a problem can’t be fixed on site we will provide a temporary machine to protect your business, while we take your machine away for repairs. As long as the machine is being cared for and cleaned per manufacturer’s instructions you don’t have to pay for repairs.