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A team of qualified as well as experienced factory trained espresso engineers that aim to help you 24 hours of the working days. We work within the South West area. Contact us for any help regarding your espresso machines.


Our experienced operators try to help solve your problems by providing assistance over the telephone. If that is unable to help your coffee machine, then we send our field engineer to your premises. Our team is always equipped with common spare parts and can repair your machine on site. If the machine cannot be repaired on-site, then the machine is taken to our repair center for repair and replacement of parts. We also provide a replacement machine if necessary.

  • Immediate response.
  • Available 6 days a week.
  • Repairing service on-site or off-site.
  • Availability of a replacement machine while yours is under repair.
  • On-site service available to replace group seals, as well as pads and washers.
  • Telephone assistance also available for all queries regarding espresso machine.


We provide our quality as well as guaranteed services that include support, general maintenance and servicing of all kinds of coffee and espresso machine. We cover most models such as Gaggia, Fracino, La Spaziale, Fiorenzato, San Marco, San Remo, Rancilio, Simonelli, Faema, Pavoni, Wega, Cimbali, ECM, CMA, Marzocco, and Brasilia.


We understand that coffee and espresso machines are expensive equipment and require regular looking after. A machine that is not working properly will not give the user a great cup of coffee. The users need to ensure regularly that the machine is regularly cleaned and working efficiently to save time and money in the future. Our staff gives free training to our consumers on how to look after and maintain your coffee machines.


Our teams of experts recommend that you get your coffee machines serviced once every year. This will help maximize the lifespan of your machines. The servicing of your machine can be carried out at your own premises or at our centers.

The assessment would include:
  • Strip and clean group heads.
  • Replace shower plates, heads, washers, seals, and gaskets.
  • Inquire, ensure and clean steam and water valves and reinstate seals where needed.
  • Verify and conform general machinery settings.
  • Suggestions on the universal circumstances of the machinery and components needed for substitution, at the time of servicing and as well as in future.
Furthermore, we also provide our services for the following:
  • Safety valve pressure test.
  • Boiler inspection with the certification (Required by insurance companies).
  • Electrical safety test.
  • Strip down and de-scale of the boiler, feed pipes and group heads.
  • Coffee Machine Breakdown / Repair.


Our team recommends Brita water filter and calcium treatment units (CTU’s) for coffee machines to reduce odor and the build-up of limescale. It is also advisable to replace the water filters annually to prevent any damage to the machines. The filters should also be replaced more often if the machines are being used at busy sites.


Our commercial coffee machines come with full parts as well as labor warranty for 1 year. We also give an extended 2-year warranty if you use our coffee and regular servicing by our qualified engineers. The warranty does not cover any problems that are caused by poor cleaning and lime scale.